Community Call Treasury Tuesday - September 20, 2022

The treasury team discussed in-flight work and the stablecoin yield strategy.

Rook logo and branding with yellow geometric figures; recap by Starbased
Treasury Tuesday calls are open-invite meetings to drive the strategy, risk management, and overall discussion for all aspects relating to the Rook DAO Treasury.

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  • Passed: KIP-32 - Voting Participation and Weights.
  • Passed: KIP-31 - Convert renBTC to WBTC.
  • The Treasury Management Framework is continuing to be developed. [1:19]
  • There are discussions around a potential KIP for managing the ALCX position.
  • KIP-24 - Second tranche (1,587 ETH) has been deployed to acquire stETH, stETH2, and rETH. [2:22]
  • Rook Multisig Testing Wallet Dashboard: This testing wallet is designed to test passive strategies using the Rook Protocol with live stablecoin funds. [3:28]
  • The DAO should have a discussion on whether to rebalance the stablecoin holdings to reduce DAI holdings, and determine whether using JIT liquidity internally can generate yields that are competitive with the open market. More data related to this will be collected over time. [6:51]
  • Stubbs and starfire brought up the reality of the current poor stablecoin yields, and whether the risk is worth the return. The time and effort might be better spent on more interesting opportunities that may have a more material impact, such as allocating grants for researchers or hiring engineers. [10:07]