Community Call Treasury Tuesday - October 18, 2022

In today's Treasury Tuesday, the team discussed the upcoming Q3 Reports, discretionary funds, and stablecoin research. The Alastor team also joined to offer insights.

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Treasury Tuesday calls are open-invite meetings to drive the strategy, risk management, and overall discussion for all aspects relating to the Rook DAO Treasury.

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Recent events and news

  • New KIP: Replenish Discretionary Investment Limit Funds. This is a follow-up to KIP-23 that allows Labs to make discretionary moves of up to 5% of the treasury funds.
  • The Labs Budget Request is up for vote. This is a quarterly funds request that breaks out the allocation of funds per team.
  • The Treasury Charter is under Sophon review.
  • The ALCX staking proposal is pending, and may be re-worked due to ongoing discussions with Alchemix on the necessity to maintain this position.
  • An upcoming KIP will request to expand the treasury’s ETH deployment funding. The treasury has additional ETH that can be deployed into yield-bearing strategies such as Lido, RocketPool, and other options.
  • The quarterly report for Q3 will be made public this week or next week. Please provide feedback to DaddyMatty if there is anything you’d like to see in this report!

Initiative collaboration [7:10]

  • DaddyMatty and Above Average Joe discussed the current stablecoin testing strategies. View the Stablecoin Testing Wallet Dashboard for more insight into its performance.
  • The team continues to research stablecoin yield strategies. With the risk/reward ratio being so poor on stables in the current market conditions, the Treasury team is looking to take a step back and understand what attributes are important for stablecoins. These include censorship resistance, backing characteristics, collateralizations, peg stability, composability, and liquidity. [14:00]

Open floor [23:45]

  • SamB from Alastor, a strategic and financial advisory firm focused on web3, introduced their team. Participants discussed M&A (mergers and acquisitions) in crypto, the difficulties involved in executing them on-chain, and the poor example set by the problematic Fei/Rari merger.
  • Participants discussed valuations in web3 and the difference in raising capital today compared to last year. [33:00]
  • The Alastor team chatted about securities laws and regulations related to token value capture. [37:00]