Treasury Tuesday Treasury Tuesday - October 4, 2022

The treasury team discussed updates including in-progress proposals, the recent SAFE airdrop, stablecoins, and the upcoming Q3 report.

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Treasury Tuesday calls are open-invite meetings to drive the strategy, risk management, and overall discussion for all aspects relating to the Rook DAO Treasury.

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A review of proposals and other documents in progress:

Recent actions:

  • KIP-31: renBTC has been swapped for WBTC. [2:30]
  • The Gnosis SAFE airdrop has been claimed by both Labs (4,649 tokens) and the treasury (21,858 tokens). These tokens are not currently transferable and do not have a liquid market. Suggestions on what to do with these tokens can be discussed. [3:00]

Open floor:

  • Josh Fraser from Origin Dollar opened a discussion on utilizing the OUSD collateralized stablecoin to earn yield on the treasury’s idle stables. DaddyMatty mentioned that the treasury is inclined to reduce risk, but acknowledged that the team should stay current on stablecoin yield opportunities. There is continued discussion on Origin’s mechanics and stablecoins. [11:00]

Initiative collaboration:

  • The Labs Budget Request proposes funding through the rest of the year and budget for the various Labs teams. [32:40]
  • Rook is planning a Q4 team offsite to build in-person connections and work on key deliverables.
  • Deeper stablecoin research is in progress. The team aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the stablecoin landscape. [37:20]
  • The quarterly report for Q3 is due to be released mid-October. View the full Q2 Report and Q2 recaps on Rookbase. [39:30]
  • The treasury team has had success utilizing the Testing Wallet to gain insights into the Rook protocol. View the Testing Wallet Dashboard for more information. [44:40]