Community Call Treasury Tuesday - January 31, 2023

The Treasury team discussed current pending proposals, L2 and ETH LSD research reports, Project Mismo, and questions on writing a proposal.

Rook branding with yellow-gold geometric figures; recap by Starbased
Treasury Tuesday calls are open-invite meetings to drive the strategy, risk management, and overall discussion for all aspects relating to the Rook DAO Treasury.

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News and Recent Events

  • This week’s Weekly Treasury Report provides a high-level overview of the movements of the DAO’s treasury.
  • The Quarterly Report for Q4 2022 has been released! This report covers activities for the different Rook Labs teams as well as leadership updates and protocol metrics.

Pending Proposals

  • KIP-36 - Expand Funding and Strategies of Testing Wallet: Originally $600K was allocated to the testing wallet effort. Due to the success in generating yield, an additional $400K in DAI funding is being requested.
  • KIP-37 - Discretionary Swapping of Like-Kind Assets: Currently, the treasury must go through the slow governance process to swap like-kind assets. This proposal would mitigate risk by giving the treasury the discretion to swap between stablecoins, Ethereum/ETH derivatives, and Bitcoin/BTC derivatives.
  • KIP-38 - Replenishing Discretionary Allocation Fund: This gives the treasury the ability to quickly react to and take advantage of market opportunities in a non-public manner. This proposal would replenish the cap to the lesser of $5M or 5% of the treasury’s notional value.
  • KIP-39 - Deployment of Additional ETH for Yield Generation: The ETH yield generation experiment has been successful, so there is a desire to increase the limit to 80% of idle ETH.
  • Treasury Yield Management for USDC via USV - This proposal suggests investing 20% of the Rook DAO Treasury USDC holdings in Phuture’s USDC savings vault (USV). [3:30]
  • Labs Budget Request - This request would allocate USDC for Rook Labs through March 2023 in accordance with the official budget.
  • mStable Withdrawal - Due to the precarious future of the mStable project, this proposal would terminate Rook’s position in the protocol and swap imUSD funds to USDC. [4:34]

Initiative Collaboration [7:32]

  • The L2 Research report investigates various L2 solutions, including both optimistic and ZK-rollup projects, and outlines their risks and benefits.
  • The Ethereum Liquid Staking Derivatives report provides a summary of the various LSD products that could potentially be used to generate additional yield. [10:20]
  • The team is open to feedback for the Weekly Treasury Report!
  • Project Mismo is an effort to productize the various revenue-generating MEV strategies that the treasury has been executing, such as one-to-one stable swaps and LSD arbitrage. More updates about this new product will be released as they become available. [12:46]
  • The DeFi Roundup will be a new community call that will allow the community to bring up general DeFi-related questions for the team to research and distill. [16:12]
  • The Q1 2023 Budget Request outlines the USDC allocations for Rook Labs in accordance with the project budget. [18:38]

Open Floor [25:00]

  • Peter (SlagathorTheMammothKing), a representative from Origin Protocol, requested guidance for forming a proposal to Rook governance for using OUSD. [26:41]