Treasury Tuesday Treasury Tuesday - July 5, 2022

Recent Events & News

  • The Rook treasury will be withdrawing from Bancor following the decision to turn off their impermanent loss mechanic and the ensuing liquidity issues that followed.
  • The treasury team will also be withdrawing from Maple Finance in order to mitigate risk ($3.5mm USDC, $60-100K in MPL rewards).

Open Floor and Current Events

  • Deetz noted that Wonderland proposal to invest $25mm into "Sifu's vision" has passed.
  • The Q2 Report has been released.
  • The Treasury Charter, the "North Star" of the treasury's vision, is open for collaboration.
  • ETH deployment to staking derivatives is moving forward. Rocket Pool shares 200K staked ETH milestone.
  • The stablecoin strategy, Optimism, and Bancor proposals should make it to the floor soon (via starfire).
  • The Q3 Labs budget request will be made public soon.
  • Strategic partnerships and M&A (mergers and acquisitions) will be potential areas that the treasury will look to deploy funds towards.

Stablecoin Deployment

  • Cameron from Notional: Notional differentiates itself from the competition by offering fixed-rate lending and borrowing. Could be appealing to Rook due to this stability on returns and no counterparty risk.
  • The treasury team is still in the R&D phase of researching opportunities.
  • 75% of ETH is being deployed for yield. The team believes stablecoin deployment should be more conservative.
  • Deploying assets outside of Ethereum L1 needs a risk assessment. Unlikely to be worth the risk/reward trade-off.
  • Low-risk core of DeFi blue chips, with a smaller percentage in newer, higher risk opportunities.
  • Proposals should also research which stablecoins the treasury should hold a position in.


  • Q3 Labs budget is in the final stages.
  • In Q2, the Labs team came in under-budget in both ROOK and USDC. Only around half of USDC and one-third of ROOK were needed, so the team is in surplus.
  • Multiple proposals (Optimism, Bancor, and stablecoin) will be dropped soon.
  • Governance Workshop at 3PM EST tomorrow!