Community Call DAO Status Update - July 22, 2022

The Rook team provided an update on DAO activities through July 22, 2022.

DAO Status Update - July 22, 2022
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Housekeeping [0m]

  • Treasury Tuesday will continue every week.
  • The Gov Workshop will rotate with Community Office Hours (Wednesdays at 3pm ET).
  • KIP-26, which extends leadership powers, passed with over 26k ROOK in favor.
  • DAO Status Update calls will be used as a briefing to cover high-level details from engineering, governance, growth, and treasury, and to provide an open forum to discuss general DAO-related topics.

Engineering [3:50m]

  • Frill has been added to to collect user feedback.
  • UI beta testing for the token pair sort feature has been completed.
  • A bug fix around mobile wallets has been released.
  • Ninja Bot has been improved with major arbitrage refactoring.
  • Hazard recently recorded a podcast. Stay tuned for the release! In the meantime, listen to the Rook x Tokemak AMA.

Governance [6:30m]

Growth [8m]

  • Discussions with prospective market makers and keepers are ongoing.
  • Integrations are being pursued with vendors, including a team presence at EthCC in Paris this week.
  • A Decentralized Payment for Order Flow presentation was given to a small group.

Treasury [10m]

  • The treasury will begin deploying 20% of the approved allocation of ETH next week.
  • The Maple withdrawal is ongoing, pending borrower repayments and quick action during the open withdrawal window.
  • The MPL position has been liquidated for $76,498 USDC.

Upcoming [13m]

  • Discord & documentation upgrades are in progress.
  • The next Treasury Tuesday will discuss stablecoin strategy and Labs budget.
  • The Gov Workshop will return next Wednesday with a focus on Governance v2 and the Sophon framework.
  • Shoutout to for providing these recaps!

Open Forum [16:30m]