DAO Status Update Rook DAO Status Update - July 8, 2022

Intro & Major Rook Updates

  • We are retiring Town Halls in favor of the new Rook DAO Status Update. The new structure will allow for better and more efficient communications between Rook Labs and the DAO.
  • Five End of Quarter events have been posted and summarized on the Rook Blog.
  • The Q2 Report has been published.

Treasury Recap

  • Recent Treasury Tuesdays: June 28th, July 5th.
  • Maple Finance withdrawal (KIP-25) has been approved. Funds are being withdrawn pending the 10-day cool-down period and funds availability.
  • Compensation 2.5 has rolled out as a two-month interim solution before 3.0 is finalized.
  • Stablecoin deployment is in progress, but rolling out slower than expected due to risk mitigation assessments.
  • Q3 Labs budget is in the late stages of formation.
  • Bancor withdrawal and non-core asset proposals are underway.
  • A proposal for establishing a transparent wallet for internal testing of product strategies has been introduced.
  • A proposal has been introduced on the Optimism forum for Phase 1 funding.


  • Recent Gov Workshops: June 29th, July 6th.
  • The focus of recent Gov Workshop calls has been KIP-21.
  • The DAO is continuing to work on the revamped Sophon process and onboarding.
  • The team has been interviewing products and vendors for governance analytics and tracking.
  • Testing Discord <> Discourse automations to persist comments across platforms.

Organization & People Ops

  • Compensation 3.0 progress is being made. Expect more internal discussions before bringing it to the DAO in the coming weeks.
  • Regulatory and legal frameworks are being developed, along with an enhanced grants program.


  • The content team has partnered with Starbased for event recaps.
  • The Rook Narratives presentation will be made public in the coming weeks.
  • Additional podcast opportunities are in the pipeline as the team pitches to bigger names.
  • The Studio team will produce more audiograms to share on social media.
  • A website revamp with more data-driven content is in development.

Operations & Growth

  • A DAO is already looking into integrating limit orders into their dApp. Agreement and announcement coming soon.
  • The Rook Transaction Relay product is getting feedback from infrastructure integrators.


  • High productivity from the protocol team developing Ninja, Coordinator, and Transaction Relay.
  • Improved DevOps processes, including increasing security for the API, using Datadog for improved logging, and Frill for customer feedback.

Outstanding Gov Proposals

  • KIP-26 will extend the leadership team’s powers for an additional two quarters.
  • Concerns may be addressed by superseding KIPs that may amend the powers granted in KIP-26.
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