Community Call Governance Workshop - April 4, 2023

In this week’s Gov Workshop, the team and community discussed a proposal to fund a new community-led entity with the working title of IncubatorDAO.

Rook branding with white cubes; recap by Starbas
Governance Workshop is a biweekly, open meeting where we discuss specific proposals that are in progress and workshop new ideas about Rook's governance process.

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This workshop focused on the future of the DAO, beginning with a look back over the past two weeks since the prior workshop.

In the two weeks since, the community and Labs leadership have actively debated aspects of a proposal from Rook Labs CTO JZ to fund the creation of a new community-led and community-defined project with the working title of Incubator DAO.

Community members have developed their own alternative proposals in ongoing discussions on the forum as well as in dedicated threads in the proposals channel of the Rook Discord. These active discussions appeared to converge on a social consensus over the past week that was incorporated via revisions to the original Incubator DAO proposal. That proposal was revised a final time on April 4 to clarify the separation between Rook DAO and Incubator DAO governance.

With no objections to that proposal posed in the workshop, participants agreed that the proposal had reached social consensus, and was ready to move into Sophon review. That process began the evening of April 4. The current state of the proposal is reflected here: KIP-44: Create Incubator DAO.

KIP-44 specifies that the governance of the potential Incubator DAO will be up to that DAO’s members. Discussions around the potential entity are taking place for the moment in a dedicated section of Rook’s forum, where community members have proposed an open nomination and election process for the first round of Incubator DAO Sophons and multisig signers in this proposal.

After hearing from each of the Incubator DAO nominees, community members discussed possibilities for the election process. They agreed to keep the nomination process open two more days, and to use Rook’s Snapshot page to facilitate the election. For more detail on this discussion, see here.