Community Call DAO Status Update - September 16, 2022

This week’s DAO Status Update covered product updates and DAO activities from September 3-16.

Rook logo and branding with blue chess piece; recap by Starbased
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This week’s DAO Status Update covered product updates from September 3-16.


  • Rook’s nodes were prepped in advance of The Merge, and are fully operational post-Merge.
  • KIP-24 - Second tranche (1,589 ETH) has been deployed to acquire stETH, stETH2, and rETH.
  • KIP-32 - Voting Participation and Weights.
  • KIP-31 - Convert renBTC to WBTC.

Product [2:30]

  • The new design for the swap protocol is under development. Docs and diagrams are being updated, along with building an in-app “help center” which will provide automated user assistance.
  • The team is preparing to open source the Github repository to further decentralize the protocol.
  • The design for the new swap contract and protocol update are nearly complete.
  • An upcoming partner integration will be made official once details are ironed out.

Protocol [4:00]

  • The protocol team is testing the first version of the new swap contract on mainnet with the DEX aggregator Ninja.
  • Work continues with potential product integrations.
  • Fully automated end-to-end tests are being developed for the TxRelay.
  • Coordinator API response times have been greatly improved, along with other DevOps and infrastructure upgrades.

Org Team [6:40]

  • The Compensation 3.1 Plan is now public (see below).
  • The internal draft of the full-time contributor re-leveling program is under review.

Governance [7:18]

Studio [7:48]

  • The Gitbook revamp is in progress, and a landing page update has been deployed.
  • mStable and RocketPool co-marketing opportunities are being developed.

Treasury [8:30]

  • The Treasury Management Framework is continuing to be developed.
  • There are discussions around a potential KIP for managing the ALCX position.
  • The Labs budget is being finalized.
  • A Testing Wallet dashboard is being developed.
  • View the latest Treasury Tuesday recap.

Growth [9:45]

  • A limit order integration is anticipated to be going live next week. Stay tuned for launch!
  • Discussions with an AMM for integration are underway, as well as a collaboration with the Polygon FastLane team.
  • The schedule for Q3’s End of Quarter Report will be announced soon.

Compensation Plan [12:00]

  • View Compensation 3.1: The All Weather Plan.

    “This structure is an evolution of the philosophy of ‘Compensation 2.0’ but adapted to make it more tax-friendly for contributors, runway-friendly for the treasury, and DAO-friendly because it removes the potential for contributors to get grossly over- or underpaid. It also mitigates most of the compensation-related issues that have arisen over the past year.”
  • The new compensation plan more fairly calculates the ROOK strike price over a 30-day weighted average price.
  • The amount of ROOK compensation has been limited based on the contributor level, and to more appropriately balance stablecoin and ROOK value.
  • Runway is currently 3.8 years based solely on USDC holdings, and 8 years when including ROOK holdings.
  • The variables associated with determining fair compensation across the world are a huge challenge, especially factoring in the risks of DeFi and recent stablecoin uncertainty. But the team has risen to the challenge and developed the Comp 3.1 plan.