Community Call DAO Status Update - October 14, 2022

This week’s DAO Status Update covered product updates and DAO activities from Sep 16-Oct 14.

Rook logo and branding with blue chess piece; recap by Starbased
Rook DAO Status Updates are community calls held every other Friday and are intended to quickly bring our community up to speed on the latest developments, decisions, investments, and events that matter most to our community.

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Product [1:30]

  • There have been many bug fixes, including resolving issues related to partial fills, token list updates, and preparations toward open sourcing the Rook app.

Protocol [2:40]

  • The engineering team has prioritized the roadmap for the next quarter, and they have released a number of quality-of-life updates and optimizations.
  • The new swap contract is being tested on mainnet. [3:20]

Operations and Organization [3:50]

  • Work continues on the organization's legal entity. [4:00]
  • Culture documents and conflict resolution frameworks are being written to help build “the best place to work in web3.” [4:40]

Governance [4:50]

  • More discussions are taking place regarding the onboarding, offboarding, and replacement processes for Sophons. [5:05]
  • Check out the latest Governance Workshop recap to catch up on the discussion on amended past KIPs. [5:15]

Studio [5:40]

  • Watts has done a deep-dive into various DEXs to learn from their UX patterns and gather feedback to improve the Rook app.
  • Media sponsorships and partnerships are in the works, but the team will be quiet on these developments until contracts are finalized and signed. [6:45m]
  • More updates for the Rook website are in-progress with improved branding, a FAQ, and other improvements.

Treasury [7:20]

Looking Ahead [9:50]

  • A few proposals are under Sophon review, and will be on Snapshot soon.
  • The end-of-quarter report is under leadership review, and will likely be released to the public later next week. [10:20]
  • During the week of Oct. 24-29, the team will be gathering for an offsite. Stay tuned for possible community call schedule changes due to this event.